Video, Audio, Sound, Color, GFX, VFX, Titling Etc.

Skills & Strengths

Complete Knowledge & Experience in POST PRODUCTION
14 years of Editing Experience, Official 8 Years of Work Experience.
Bachelor in Film-making
Very technically sound & effective in combining it with creativity.
Understands Color Theory & Science of Editing
Studied Biology & Human Psychology and implies in editing.
Great sense of Narrative, Acts & Structure, and Art of Storytelling.
Hates Clich
é and always try to find a new way to do the same old thing
Photographer, Cinematographer, and Editor with comprehensive understanding and experience in all departments including Sound, VFX, GFX, Acting, Management, etc.

Experience & Tech

Adobe Creative Cloud - Premier Pro, AfterEffects, Audition, Speedgrade, Media Encoder, Adobe Bridge, Etc.
BlackMagic Davinci Resolve
Avid Media Composer
Wondershare Filmora

Pro tools
A little bit of Cinema4d & Maya

Windows, Mac & Linux

[COMING SOON] A Way Home   |   2022  Editor & Producer

Post-War Drama |  Short | 22m

A war hero returns home after going missing in the Afghan withdrawal. Upon his return, he thought his life would go back to what he remembered. A wife. A home. But a lot can change in a year.

Directed by Claire Chubbuck
Writers Alvaro Orlando, Anna Greene
Director Of Photography Mario Garciduenas
Editing by Shranjay Arora & Alexa Ruvalcaba


Alvaro Orlando, Natalie Stavola, Jay Krymis, Michael Mammoliti

Shuttlepod Show   |   2022  DOP & Post Production


A talk show hosted by the Co-stars and best friends, Dominic Keating & Connor Trinnear from Star Trek Enterprise Show

Director, Sound Chris Moscatiello
Producer Mark Cartier, Erica LaRose
Director Of Photography Kathrin Asmus, Shranjay Arora [4 Episodes]
Video Editing Shranjay Arora


Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Erica LaRose, Gary Graham, Jeffrey Combs, John Billingsley, John Fleck, Anthony Montgomery, Julianne Christie, Vaughn Armstrong, Rick Berman, David Livingston, Brannon Braga

Here We Are Web Series    |   2022  DOP & Post Production

LGBTQ+ Drama | Love Story Short | YT Series

A summer love story where love and distance are tested between a hopeless romantic and a rebel.

Creator, Cast & Writer Lissette Camacho
Directed & Written By Seda Anbarci
Director Of Photography & POST PRODUCTION Shranjay Arora


Lissette Camacho, Katy Corbus, Johanna Martinez, Barbara Saba, Carol Damgen

It's Complicated    |   2022  Editing & Associate Producer

Drama | Love Story Short | 15m

International Dating Coach, Kosmo, is about to launch a new book on how to get over a breakup in 21 days. With the world waiting and filled with anticipation, there's one secret that Kosmo is hiding from the world. "It's Complicated" is a 15 page pilot presentation to be pitched to networks and streaming platforms. Written by Alvaro Orlando, Award-Winning Writer/Director of "Counterpunch" distributed by Lionsgate and Sundance's "I Am Not a Hipster." Producing alongside Aishwarya Sonar, EK Sandoval, and Camila Banus.

Directed & Written By Alvaro Orlando
Director Of Photography Alex Raaen
Edited By Shranjay Arora


Alvaro Orlando, Camila Banus, Yeniffer Behrens, Shira Alon

Bottomless Brunch at Colman's    |   2022  Assistant Editing

Season 4 | 6 Episodes 

Colman Domingo invites friends into his home for a Sunday brunch that includes cocktails, food and conversation.

Worked with NBTV as an assistant editor for the "Bottomless Brunch at Colman's"

First episode date: May 3, 2020

Language: English

Cast: Colman Domingo

Awards: Shorty Industry Award for Best Branded Series


Colman Domingo, Elaine Welteroth, Aja Noami King, Chita Rivera, Danielle Brooks, Ephraim Sykes, Audra Mcdonald, April Reign, Adam Mckay, Laverne Cox, Kyle Goodman, Tom Ellis, Shiela E., Harvey Mason Jr.

Real Connections    |   2022  DOP & Edited

Drama | Short | 12m


Art Film Awards
Best Experimental Film

An eccentric but broke artist, who'd rather live alone but is stuck with a loud roommate, wants her roommate to pay her rent but soon realizes what her roommate is going through.

This film was made during a pandemic with only 2 characters 1 location and ultra minimum budget.

Best Indie Filmmaker

Directed & Written By Seda Anbarci
Director Of Photography & Edited By Shranjay Arora


Barbara Saba, Clara Navaro

Venice FullShot Cine Mag Festival
Best Experimental Short Film

Roma Short Film Festival
Best Women Empowerment Film

PROXY    |   2022  Directed, Written, Produced & Edited

Sci-Fi | Virtual Reality | Romance | 17m

A young, troubled couple is challenged by a dangerously twisted addictive VR tech in the near future.

This film was made during a pandemic with only 2 characters 1 location and ultra minimum budget.

Directed & Edited By Shranjay Arora
Cinematography By Nicholas Luna


Reid Chauhan, Chloe Breen


Hollywood Gold Awards
Silver Award in Editing

Award of Excellence

Sacramento World Film Festival

Best Editing

Milan Gold Awards
Silver Award in Editing

Roma Short Film Festival

Hollywood Gold Awards
Gold Award in Sci-Fi